Why Professors Ask You To Write Essays

Students, especially those in college, know very well what an essay is. It is always part of their school work. Essays are formal written pieces that take on a specific topic. It should be directed to one point, which will state the writer’s opinion or thesis statement. The prime goal of an essay is to persuade the readers with the point of view of the writer. Therefore, it is important that essays are well-written and properly researched. There are many reasons professors keep asking students to write essays all year round.

Reasons Professors Ask Students to Write Essays

1. Professor wants to increase your learning

Writing essays can help you increase what you already know and will provide you with an opportunity to gain more knowledge. This is because essays require deep research. When you read and research from different sources, you get more information and facts about the topic giving you more knowledge and insights.

2. Professor wants to improve your writing, research, and analytical skills

Essays are a combination of writing, analysis, and research. When your professors keep on giving you essay writing tasks, it means that they want you to practice more until you get better in this type of assignment. As they say, practice makes perfect. The more you practice writing essays, the nearer you get to perfection. With more essays to write, you are improving your writing, research, and analytical skills that can be used even after graduation.

3. Professor wants to push you further to your limits

Usually, professors will give the topics that you should write about. You notice that the topic gets harder and harder. This is to make you work hard on producing a better essay. Your professor does not want you to stay within your limits. With skills, farther is better.
The school tasks assigned to college students always have beneficial reasons. Students are being prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally for the life that they can have when they get out of school after graduation. The school makes sure that their skills are ready to take on a career that the students wanted to have after schooling.
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